A three dimensional representation of a git repository over time. It loads a repository from the file system and generates a tree where each cluster of entities acts as a directory, and each entity within it acts as a file.


Project Preview

A game made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare (52) game jam with my friends and fellow developers VRBobbie and Caeden117.


A simple application used to load and preview .vrm avatar files.

Websites and APIs

VR Atlas

Project Preview

A service which allows people to find events and meet people in virtual reality.

Emote Core

Project Preview

A website and API built using SvelteKit which is designed to allow users to upload arbuituary emotes. Built for the companion Beat Saber mod, Emoter.

Project Preview

This website! I spent a few hours learning Tailwind CSS to create this over a weekend. Built primarily as a showcase, but to also experiment with the release candidate version of SvelteKit.


Project Preview

An ASP.NET Core backend built by a group of modders from the Beat Saber community sponsored by Atlas Rhythm. It is a highly customizable mod hosting repository built with a permission system, plugin system, and more.


Project Preview

An authentication server designed to simplfy application development when trying to authenticate Beat Saber players.


A Blazor WASM website and companion mod which generates and displays the Beat Saber's dependency container hierarchy and provides modders with an easy way to search for dependencies within the game's dependency injection library, Zenject.


A qualifier system designed for the Vision Block 2020 Beat Saber Tournament. The goal was to build a backend where people are time constrained to play the map, not giving them enough time to practice beforehand, and flagging users who tried to abuse the system.



An Azure Function which can generate multiple image variants during a blob storage upload. The user can customize the varaints that get generated, and it ensures that images aren't unscaled to save on function execution time.


Project Preview

A library for Unity which simplifies the process of dynamically loading one or a large set of images, and provides support for animated images (gifs).


Project Preview

A library for Unity which allows MVVM-like bindings through GameObjects. Paired with a source generator, I used this library to build Flux, my VRM viewer.


Project Preview

A .NET Standard 2.0 library for interacting with the API.



Project Preview

A powerful utility-like framework mod which provides more tools to Beat Saber modders. One of the essential mods powering the Beat Saber Modding Community to this day.


Allows Beat Saber players to add images to their game which can appear and disappear on customizable conditions. Great for social media branding, watermarking, practice, and fun.


Allows Beat Saber players generate macros for commands and messages in their Twitch chat which they can easily execute through an in game menu.


A mod which expanded the base gamemodes by introducing more note and saber types and new rulesets.



Project Preview

A discord bot which automatically downloads and sends Twitch clips sent in a channel. Designed for archival purposes when Twitch started to auto-hide all clips from muted VODs.


Project Preview

Compact a *constrained* map reference from BeatSaver into a ulong to be used as a database key